To Save Every One : 200 Years of RNLI Courage by The RNLI

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The remarkable 200-year history of The RNLI and their invaluable role in British Maritime history. A beautiful book of kindness, courage, and community to treasure for years to come. Since 1824, people have counted on the RNLI to keep them safe on, in and next to the water.

Over the last 200 years, an estimated 150,000 lives have been saved, and many more kept from harm by the incredible volunteers and donors who continue to honour the founding principle of the RNLI: to save every one. But where did our story begin and who were those pioneering life-savers? This is the story of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s remarkable 200-year history, and their invaluable role in British Maritime History. People are at the heart of the RNLI, and this book explores the incredible work they’ve taken on over the last two centuries.

Seeing huge societal, industrial and cultural shifts during this period, including two world wars in which they played a vital part, the RNLI have made a significant contribution to the history and shaping of Britain, and beyond. From the pioneers rowing the very first wooden lifeboats to their modern counterparts’ mastery of the latest technological developments in sea-going and safety equipment, from female lifesavers making waves to animal rescues capturing the heart of the nation, from young lifesavers to the everyday lives of the Institution’s extraordinary volunteers, and taking in royal connections and outstanding acts of bravery on the way, people truly are lifeblood of the RNLI. This beautiful book of kindness, courage and community is one to treasure for its comprehensive and colourful depiction of the past and the future of the nation’s best-loved charity.