Scravir II - Lacklight by CM Vassie

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THEN … The last of the scravir were killed in a bus fire in Whitby and Daniel Murray saw Thor Lupei’s body burning in the caves beneath the castle in Romania, but the story did not end there. Daniel took with him pages ripped from an ancient book.

NOW … What do the pages contain, and why are the powers Lupei gave Daniel now frightening him? Can good really come from evil?

Daniel’s girlfriend Tiffany is getting on with her life in Whitby, but former Dutch policeman Gert Muyskens just can’t let go of the past … and then mysterious deaths begin to happen again – emaciated corpses like the ones that first appeared at Goth weekend back in 2016. Are the scravir back? Is Lupei really dead? How is Daniel involved in all of this? Where is Daniel?