Saints and Holy Places of Yorkshire by Gavin Wakefield

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A unique guidebook for visitors to the many pilgrimage sites in Yorkshire, and the holy people who have been associated with these places. The intention is to help readers develop their spiritual life through reflection on the lives of familiar and less familiar figures from the Christian story in Yorkshire. The importance of place is also a key feature of this approach, whether on the coast (e.g. Whitby), in the relative wilds for many of the abbeys (e.g. Rievaulx, Fountains), or in the bustle of a city (e.g. York, West Yorkshire towns). 

The guide can be used over the course of a week, but equally it can be used to assist in visiting places one by one, or by following the journey in the imagination while being read at home. Each day has four elements: People, Place, Prayer, and Practicalities, plus brief information about other places which might be included in a visit.

It is accessible to anyone interested in learning from some significant Christian characters from Yorkshire, both recent and from long ago.